Thinging Through Tuesday

It’s two years this week since I set up my LibraryThing account. The original motivation was to get an off-site catalogue of my books for insurance purposes, but it’s become a lot more than that. The social networking side of it is *fun*. Amongst other things, I joined the Early Reviewers programme, which does pretty much what it says on the tin. Publishers supply review copies of books, programme members indicate which ones they’d be interested in, and the LibraryThing database is used to select good matches to review the book based on what people have in their catalogues. We get free books, and the publishers get reviews and word of mouth.

This week I did two things connected with LT. I posted my first review of a book I received through the Early Reviewers programme. And I set up a WordPress account to join a group blog, which meant I had a spare personal blog lying around as well. I decided that it would be a useful place to mirror my book and DVD reviews from my LiveJournal — and then wandered over to the LibraryThing forums and found a thread suggesting that we set up a book blogging circle for the ER group. Serendipity…

So you’ll find the new bookblog here:
I don’t expect it to have anything that’s not on my LJ, but it’s another way to pick up my reviews, LT-related posts, and the occasional serious writing post. There’s a section on the blogroll for the LibraryThing Early Reviewers blogcircle, and we’re planning to do a regular LibraryThing group blogging exercise. The Boston Bibliophile is our host for Thinging Through Tuesday, and the first post is here.


4 thoughts on “Thinging Through Tuesday

  1. Hi Jules

    I’m pretty sure we’ve commented before on LT, Pandora in the Congo was my ER book, the one and only at the moment. Anyway just doing the rounds.

    Just reading your comment above and the blog ring could turn into something major, I just looked on LT and there were 3 or 4 more joiners.

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