Writing: Britwriters blog

A group of British writers, including yours truly, have a new group blog at Britwriters. To quote one of the fine people who came up with the idea for the blog:

If you’re from the UK and you’re a published author, and you’re looking for a place to promote your books, then the new Britwriters Blog might be for you.


If you’re not from the UK, but you’ve considered writing a book set in Britain – whether a contemporary or a historical – then this blog should have something to interest you too. And if you’re not a writer but you’re just interested in our peculiar little country, I’m hoping this will also give you an occasional giggle ;)

More details here: http://alex-beecroft.livejournal.com/28328.html

I’ve just posted my first article, a piece about considering cultural differences when writing for a mixed US/UK audience. I’ll mirror it here and on my main blog, but you’ll find the original here: http://wulfwaru.wordpress.com/2008/05/19/writing-culture-clash/


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