Tuesday Thingers

Missed last week’s because day job was hectic and I was too wiped out to even read blogs, let alone compose a post. This week’s prompt is:

Today’s topic: Book-swapping. Do you do it? What site(s) do you use? How did you find out about them? What do you think of them? Do you use LT’s book-swapping column feature for information on what to swap? Do you participate in any of the LT communities that discuss bookswapping, like the Bookmooch group for example?

I don’t use the book-swapping sites, for two simple reasons. One is that “swapping” implies that books will leave my possession. This is against the natural order of things, and not to be countenanced. The other is that until recently I lived a very short walk from a large used bookshop specialising in non-fiction and genre fiction, and I could buy books in there for less than the cost of postage on the book-swapping sites.

As a direct consequence of the second reason, I’m having to budge very slightly on the first. The To Be Read pile has grown to the size of a small mountain range, and I have been told by Other Half that I am not to buy any more bookcases, and that I am not to leave the books in piles on the floor, either. Thus, I must discipline myself and make some feeble gestures in the direction of a new book into the house means an old book leaving.

Which still leaves me with no good reason to join a book-swapping site, because the only reason I’m going to be getting rid of a book is that I’ve just had a shopping accident and need more space on the shelf. Swapping books will not reduce the actual book population as required…


7 thoughts on “Tuesday Thingers

  1. *grin* I’ve gotten very creative about stashing piles of books – luckily, my husband never actually lifts anything that looks like it might need cleaning under, so I’m pretty sure I have books he’ll never even see. =)

  2. Fortunately, my hubby is almost as addicted to books as I am, so I don’t have to hide them under beds or behind the fridge or anything. But if I lived near a good used-book store, I would be in big, big trouble.

  3. What a difficult position the other half has put you in! We don’t have many bookshelves yet, but my other half is fully aware that as time goes on, I’ll fill more and more bookshelves up. He’s even approved my plan of having multiple built-in bookcases to whatever house we eventually buy/build.

    I hope the books that you do have to part with find good homes, though.

  4. Bear in mind that what’s on my LT account is merely the items not in storage, which amongst other things means most of the pre-2000 purchases are not included — and right now we’re in transit and living in a small two bedroom flat while we look for somewhere to buy. :-)

  5. >One is that “swapping” implies that books will leave my possession. This is against the natural order of things, and not to be countenanced.

    This, exactly. Books only leave the shelves under very limited circumstances. I understand that entirely.

  6. I feel your pain Jules, and I’m with you on the book swaps and UBS’s.

    I’ve now carved my Mount TBR down to what will fit in one of my new bookcases, although I should clarify that the excess has been placed in boxes and I haven’t actually gone through the trauma of taking them out of my house yet. I’m reserving that excruciating experience until I’ve weeded through the books I’ve read. I hyperventilate just thinking about it.

    But here’s a tip/loophole: Stackable underbed storage boxes with wheels. No new bookshelves required and books are technically not stacked in piles on the floor.

    Works here. ;-D

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