August book log

I still hurt, and I’m probably going to do some price comparison for Dragon tomorrow, but I can at least type enough to do the monthly book log now.

The August book log is very bitty. Not because I haven’t been reading, because I was reading nearly every day for the last couple of weeks. But I was reading nearly every day because I have a new toy in the form of a Cybook ebook reader, and I’ve been hopping around on different books to get a feel for how it works with different formats. The only thing I’ve read all the way through on it so far is its own instruction manual. :-)

I’ve since settled down on re-reading Charlie Stross’s Accelerando, but I’ve not finished that yet. Prior to that I was trying short stories from one of the Sherlock Holmes collections and from Cory Doctorow’s Overclocked.

At some point I read the latest Laundry piece from Charlie Stross, Down on the Farm. This is available as a free download on the shiny new Tor Books website, which I have otherwise singularly failed to look at on account of Evil Day Job draining me of energy.

Also assorted short pieces online in various venues, including the first part of Antonia Tiger’s short serial (which I enjoyed and must go and read the rest when I’m feeling awake enough to do so, or work out how to put it onto the Cybook so I can read it on the bus when my RSI goes away again).

One dead tree item, a yaoi manga, Masara Minase — Lies and Kisses is reviewed here:

And I’ve been working my way through Sherlock Holmes in dead tree format as my bit of reading just before going to sleep.

Very bitty indeed, but probably rather more reading than I’ve done in a while. Pity something (possibly the Cybook) set off my RSI earlier this week and the electronic stuff is off the menu for now.


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