book log

Before I forget… Last week’s reading involved finishing the Doctor Who and the Hand of Fear novelisation by Terrance Dicks as my lunchtime reading at work. Competent writing and I enjoyed it as light reading, but it’s very much a straight script to novel conversion, and not something I can really see people wanting to read other than as a reminder of the episode.

The Cybook-on-the-bus reading was something had downloaded from somewhere or other, which I started reading more or less at random because it was there. The Night Life of the Gods by Thorne Smith turned out to be very funny, and quite astonishingly racy given the publication date of 1931. It’s out of copyright in Europe, so fairly readily available online as an ebook.

Also beta-reading someone’s WIP, and so there was a fast read of a previous piece of the series that I’d not yet read so that I could catch obvious continuity errors. I need to poke the Cybook and see how to put an HTML file on it in readable format so that I can read the entire corpus on the bus next week, even if I do own a large chunk of it in treeware anyway.


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