Loose Id’s having a very special sale today

An announcement from my publisher:

With True Love and Marriage for All

Isn’t that what erotic romance is about? Finding the one or two or five persons you want to spend the rest of your life with, having blistering hot sex with them, and being fulfilled in your wildest fantasies of a life? Not everyone wants to get married or needs to, but if they do, then let them!

Today, November 15th, there are protests around the country to support marriage equality and overturn initiatives preventing gay marriage. We know this is a divisive issue, and while we feel strongly about it, we’ve elected not to make a direct donation of sales proceeds to the cause. Instead, for today only, we’re offering you an 8% discount on all purchases totaling over $1.00 and encouraging those of you who support the freedom to marry to make your own donation to Marriage Equality USA, No on Prop 8 California or the local group of your choice.



I’m glad they’ve done this. I’m Kinsey 0, hardwired mono, and married to a man of the same race as myself. These things are not true of many of my friends, and I know people who have just had their marriage forcibly annulled. I don’t see any moral difference between Prop 8 and the Mixed Marriages Act. And the rhetoric I hear supporting Prop 8 sounds just like the rhetoric I heard two decades ago when the Mixed Marriages Act was about to be dismantled.


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