November book log

Three books completed in November, and another half done and then put away again until I have time to concentrate on it. The books finished were Persuasion, Sense and Sensibility, and Kim, all read on the Cybook. I barely started a Dr Who book as my Cybook-on-the-bus reading before the end of the month, but it really was only half a dozen pages after finishing Kim, so I’ll say more about that later.

The half-read print book was Bryan Talbot’s Alice In Sunderland, which is wonderful fun, but has too much packed into it for me to digest all at once. I’ll not say much about it for now, save thank you to [info]desperance for burbling about it last year in such manner as to ensure I went and found a copy at Eastercon.

For someone who was completely uninterested in *reading* ebooks as opposed to writing them until three months ago, I’ve read quite a few since getting the Cybook. It’s amazing what a difference it makes having a device that’s physically comfortable for me to use.


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