Fictionwise release: A Kiss at Midnight

Loose Id have been busy releasing their backlist through their distributors. And with perfect timing, the New year’s Eve themed anthology A Kiss At Midnight has just gone up at Fictionwise. This is an anthology of three sf&f romance novellas, from myself, Emily Veinglory, and Ally Blue. Here’s the blurb for mine. As usual, there are excerpts on my website, and short blurbs and excerpts for all three novellas on Loose Id’s website.

First Footer

They say that how you spend New Year’s Day will set the pattern for the rest of your year. Matthew Ryder was hoping not to be single by the end of the New Year’s Eve party, but the blind date promised by his matchmaking friend never showed up. Still, there’s always hope in the form of the old custom of First Footing. To bring good luck to the household, the first person across the threshold after midnight should be a tall dark man holding a lump of coal and a bottle of whisky, and in some places they still like to provide this service for neighbours.

A tall dark stranger does indeed knock on the door at midnight, and he’s the man of Matthew’s dreams. Intelligent, good sense of humour. Handsome too, if you go for fur, tail, and a very seductive purr. For the First Footer is a First Contact team member, with a bit of a problem. There’s making a discreet landing in an uninhabited area, and then there’s landing your spacecraft in a peat bog.

It’s going to be an interesting year for Matthew…


2 thoughts on “Fictionwise release: A Kiss at Midnight

    1. This one was first published a while back, for New Year’s Eve three years ago. But my publisher is busy putting a lot of their backlist on Fictionwise, so several of my older books are available there now as well as the ones that were published recently. This is good because it means more exposure and hopefully more sales. :-)

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