February book log

My reading was very bitty in February, and I’m not sure I can even remember all that I read. This is because I got hammered by tonsillitis in the first week, and have never really recovered. I had two review books from LTER which I really wanted to read, but put off because I didn’t think I could give them proper attention.

I did start one of the LTER books, and got about 30 pages in before deciding that I simply wasn’t up to reading a brand new book. But I greatly enjoyed what I did read of The Agency by Ally O’Brien, and I really want to get back to it once I’m feeling capable of it.

Read several more stories from an older LTER offering, and reviewed the book earlier today: Ron MacLean — Why the Long Face?

Bought a Wycliffe omnibus, “How to kill a cat”/”The Four Jacks” on my first afternoon in Coventry, and read “The Four Jacks” during Redemption. The usual Wycliffe fare — I read this one because I’ve read it before so could manage it even in my dilapidated state, but had read it long enough ago that it still felt fresh. The omnibus isn’t listed on the Orion website and has a rather odd listing on Amazon, and I strongly suspect it of having been printed specifically for the remainder market, a specialist remainder chain being where I bought it.

The other omnibus picked up in the remainder shop was two of the early Dalziel and Pascoe novels, “An April Shroud” and “A Clubbable Woman”. Started “An April Shroud” but haven’t finished it yet — again, a book I’ve read but with enough of a time lapse to be interested in reading it again.

And on the Cybook, E Nesbitt’s Book of Dragons, which I hadn’t read before and found enormous fun; plus started on Jane Eyre, which I haven’t read for at least ten years, and probably longer. ETA: And Thorne Smith’s “Topper”.


2 thoughts on “February book log

  1. I am sometimes far more in the mood for something I’ve read before than for something new. Still, the mood has always passed, leaving me hungry for something different.

    And I can sympathize about the sparse February – I’ve been out of town on a 5-week business trip and I haven’t gotten nearly as much reading done as I would have liked. We’ve been working long days and I drag myself back to the hotel at night, just wanting to close my eyes. I hope March is better for you.

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