book log: Andre Norton: Plague ship and Voodoo Planet

Discovered a while back that there are several of Norton’s books on Project Gutenberg, and promptly downloaded them via the Feedbooks site into my Cybook. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve read Plague Ship and Voodoo Planet, the second and third titles from the Solar Queen series.

The first two Solar Queen books were major comfort reads for me when I was a kid, so I was a little bit worried about whether Plague Ship would stand up to scrutiny [mumble] years on. But it’s still enormous fun. Voodoo Planet is novella length, and one I’d only read once or twice before. Good read, although I think wouldn’t have hooked me the way the first two did if I hadn’t already known the characters.

I want to talk about Plague Ship in more depth, but that needs to wait until I’m a bit less tired. Maybe this weekend, but it’ll be competing for time with doing some writing of my own.

Started Ralestone Luck, her first written and second published novel, once I’d finished Voodoo Planet yesterday. Completely unfamiliar to me, and the prose is not up to the standard of her later books, but it’s definitely Norton’s style and I’m enjoying it.


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