July book log

Okay, I give up, I’m not going to get time to write something I can call a review on July’s book. So it’s book log only. What I read in July:

PD James — A Mind to Murder

Second of the Dalgliesh series. The administrative assistant at a psychiatric clinic is murdered, in circumstances which make it clear that the killer must have been one of the people legitimately in the building that evening. But as Dalgliesh sifts through the stories of those people, he finds a multitude of possible motives, and a woman who was apparently liked by none but also hated by none. As usual with this series, the book is as much about exploring the personalities and interactions of the people as about the hunt for clues.

A Mind to Murder at Amazon UK
at Play
A Mind to Murder (Adam Dalgliesh Mysteries, No. 2) at Amazon US
at Powells

Miscellaneous fanfic

I’m picky about fanfic, and I don’t really like reading long pieces on a computer monitor (I was always a paper zine fan). But towards the end of the month I finally had some free time, and decided to work my way through some Torchwood fanfic on the LiveJournals of a couple of people who write reliably well and to my taste. I pointed at a couple of the stories — you can find my recommendations using the “fic rec” tag on my LiveJournal and DreamWidth accounts.


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