Amazonfail #3

Just in case you haven’t seen it — Amazonfail #3 is in progress.

My view on this is fairly similar to Charlie’s. However, I simply stopped adding links rather than pulling all my links last time round, and was willing to forgive when they fixed the last one. The reason for that is that Amazon, for all its faults, was even throughout the LGBTfail willing to sell anyone pretty much anything, so long as they could actually track it down in the catalogue.

It’s different now. They’ve deleted an entire publisher from their catalogue. Not made it hard to find them, but pulled the entries altogether. And that takes away my reason to put up with assorted nonsense over the years, which was that Amazon was a lifeline for a lot of minorities, because it really would send you anything legal to buy, in a nice friendly brown box.

I won’t have time to sort out my website and blogs until I get home in a couple of weeks, but my Amazon links are going bye-bye.


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