Book log: Agatha Christie — Murder in Mesopotamia

A nurse is hired by the leader of an archaeological expedition to look after his wife, who has been suffering from nervous fears. The fears are considered by most if not all of the expedition members to be the result of imagination and boredom, but are proven all too justified when she is murdered. The local police decide to call in Poirot, who happens to be conveniently in the neighbourhood. The nurse plays the role of Hastings in this novel, including writing up the case afterwards as an independent witness to the murder and its investigation.

Much of the novel is an acidly funny observation of the different personalities of the characters and the way they deceive themselves and others. The mystery itself has plenty of red herrings, and although I knew from an unfortunate spoiler on LibraryThing who the killer was, I didn’t realise until the last minute how it was done. I enjoyed this, and I think it would stand re-reading.

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