Book log — April 2010

For once I had time to write this up on the last evening of the month, but I put it off because I wanted to write a review of the book I’d just finished, and thought I’d get time the next day. That was a mistake… At this point I might as well abandon any notion of doing the remaining April reviews, and just note those books with brief comments.

19) Sam Storyteller — Your Face Is Turned (Torchwood fanfic) (reviewed 12 April 2010)

20) Agatha Christie — Peril At End House (abridged audiobook) (logged with comments 24 April 2010)

21) Sam_Storyteller — Condition of Release (reviewed 25 April 2010)

22) WJ Burley — Wycliffe and Death in Stanley Street (reviewed 2 May 2010)

23) James Anderson — The Affair of the Thirty-nine Cufflinks
Third of the Alderley series. Once again a disparate group of people spend the weekend at Alderley, the country mansion of the Earl of Burford, and once again it leads to murder. This time it’s for the funeral and will-reading of an elderly relative who has asked to be buried at Alderley. The second wife of Florrie’s long-dead son feels entitled to the major share of the money after bringing up her orphaned stepdaughters. When she gets a deliberately insulting pittance, she accuses the others of having poisoned the old lady’s mind against her — and threatens to expose everyone’s embarrassing secrets in revenge. It’s no great surprise when she’s killed during the night, and once again it’s up to Chief Inspector Wilkins to sift through the many clues and motives on offer.

As with the first two books, it’s fluff that I won’t keep, but greatly entertaining fluff I’d be happy to read more of.

24) WJ Burley — Wycliffe and the Redhead
I’d started this in March while I was away from home, but only got a chapter or two into it before failing to take it out of my suitcase when I got home. Finished it at off at the end of April. I made some brief comments after reading it four years ago, and find that my view of it has changed this time round. The coincidence I complained about works for me this time.

Started but not finished:
Audiobook — WJ Burley — Wycliffe and the Pea Green Boat
Another of the four quid specials from The Works. It’s a 3 CD set read by Jack Shepherd, the actor who played Wycliffe in the ITV series.


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