interim July book log

Just so that I can keep track of the month’s books so far. Reviews may or may not follow.

38) Edward Marston — The Iron Horse
Fourth book in the Railway Detective series. Victorian era police procedural, this volume being about a very nasty attempt to interfere with the favourites in the Derby. The case starts with the discovery of a severed head in a hatbox… As with the others in the series, I enjoyed this competently written pulp, but not a keeper for me.
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39) Georgette Heyer — Death in the Stocks
Another of Heyer’s mysteries, this one being the first of four about Superintendent Hannasyde, or so LibraryThing tells me. Lots of fun, although the characters were occasionally annoyingly rather than entertainingly eccentric. I liked it enough to stay up late finishing it.
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40) Jennifer Ashley — The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie
Bought this one on the strength of the review at Dear Author. Historical romance with a hero who has Asperger’s Syndrome. Very, very well done, and the person who was going to get my copy if I didn’t want to keep it is going to have to buy her own. :-)
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41) Val McDermid — Blue Genes
First one from this author that I’ve read, and I liked it a lot. Fifth in the series about Manchester-based Private investigator Kate Mulligan. I will note that part of what I enjoyed about it was the immersion in the city I currently live in. I’ll probably go and get more of these once I’ve reduced the tbr mountain a bit.
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