so many books, so little time…

Thanks to The Works, as of this evening I have all bar one of the Orion re-release series of the Wycliffe books. I am now missing only # 20, The House of Fear. I’ve read almost all of them on and off as I picked up new titles in the bookshop or encountered them in the library, but I think that I shall celebrate ownership of an almost complete set by making it my next “read through the series in order” project, to be undertaken once I’ve got through the remaining backlog of review-owed books.

On a related subject, on the bus home last night my neighbours across the aisle asked if I knew where any good second-hand bookshops were, as they had been most disappointed by the ones they’d found in the city centre, and were wondering about the ones further out on the bus route. The context appeared to be that they were visitors who wanted to spend a few days touring the local bookshops, to judge by the printout of a “bookshops in the Manchester area” list they were clutching. It was possibly the fact that I was reading what was obviously a second-hand book that led them to think I was a good person to ask…


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