August 2010 book log

Copy-n-paste from the interim logs with no further reviews, I’m afraid.

Logged with brief notes on 14 August:

45) Lillian Stewart Carl — Ashes to Ashes
LibraryThing entry

46) Agatha Christie — The ABC Murders (audiobook)
LibraryThing entry

47) Nancy Mitford — Don’t Tell Alfred
LibraryThing entry

Logged with brief notes on 20 August:

48) Edward Marston — Murder on the Brighton Express
LibraryThing entry

49) Georgette Heyer — Behold, Here’s Poison
LibraryThing entry

50) Jonathan Fast — Mortal Gods
LibraryThing entry

51) Frank Herbert — The Green Brain
LibraryThing entry

Logged August 26:

52) David Niven — The Moon’s a balloon (audiobook)

53) John Brunner — Born Under Mars

And I posted a discussion thread for The Heyday on August 21, where Stevie and I had some spoilerific discussion of the book.

So I’ve hit my book a week target for this year, with four months to spare. A good improvement over last year. :-)

Finished the audiobook of Agatha Christie’s “Sparkling Cyanide” on 1 Sep, and this weekend moved on to the audiobook of “The bloodstained pavement and other stories”, which I’ve just finished listening to. Five Miss Marple shorts, read by the late great Joan Hickson, who does an utterly brilliant job on this audiobook. On the print side, I’m still working my way through Brian Aldiss’s Equator, as I seem to be having trouble focusing on any print format at the moment, whether electronic or dead tree. I’d switch to audiobooks for the commute, but I’ve tried mp3 on the bus and it doesn’t work for me — too much fluctuating background noise.


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