interim September book log

56) Brian Aldiss — “Equator” and “Segregation”

57) Philip Jose Farmer — Timestop

58) Frank Herbert — The worlds of Frank Herbert

In progress: “Continuum 1” (anthology edited by Roger Elwood) for the print book, and “The Blue Geranium and other stories” by Agatha Christie and read by Joan Hickson for the audiobook. The latter of which I am about to go and listen to, because for the last few days I have really not enjoyed looking at a screen in the evenings. I have this evening bought and installed a significantly brighter light in my study to decrease the contrast in brightness between monitor and everything else, which is helping somewhat.

I also had a shopping accident in The Works this evening (er… three, and then another four, and then two more to round it off from the three for a fiver table), so I may be back later to update my LibraryThing with the new shinies.


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