Book lust

I have in general been very good about Not Buying More Folio Society Books. But a recent thread on the FS group on LibraryThing prompted me to go off to eBay last weekend to see if I could finish off a themed set where I missed the last couple of books I might have been interested in, courtesy of having moved to the US. And there on the first page of search results was a book I had been wanting for 13 years, but had never quite gotten around to buying — the Folio Fifty. This is a bibliographic volume with a selection of essays, and a detailed bibliography of all the books published by the Society in its first 50 years. And its starting price was a tenner including postage, it had 2 hours to go, and nobody had bid on it yet.

I couldn’t ignore that.

I collected it from the sorting office this morning, it having been too big to fit through my letterbox. It is beautiful. And it’s mine. For rather less than it would have cost me had I bought one new from the Society when it was first published in 1997. The phrase “all good things come to those who wait” seems oddly appropriate here. :-)


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