October 2010 book log

I had indeed forgotten one book when I posted a draft on Saturday, although at least I knew that I’d forgotten it. I’m going to simply list the books for now, as between the cold and the side-effects from the meds for something else, I’m going to run out of steam for the evening very shortly; I may or may not get back to them with notes or reviews next weekend.

Book 66) Reginald Hill – Midnight Fugue (logged with notes October 17)

Book 67) Georgette Heyer – A Blunt Instrument (logged with notes October 17)

Book 68) Arthur C Clarke – Dolphin Island (reviewed October 24)

Book 69) Alan E Nourse – Trouble on Titan
YA book published in 1954, which alas has had at least a light sprinkling of pixie dust from the sexism fairy.

Book 70) Arthur C Clarke – The Deep Range
SF novel for adults published in 1957, which has some broad similarities to the later Dolphin Island (at book 68)

Book 71) Paul Cook — The Alejandra Variations
SF novel for adults published in 1984

Book 72) Agatha Christie – The Blue Geranium, and other stories (audiobook)
More Miss Marple short stories read by Joan Hickson

Book 72) Dick Francis – Knockdown
Thanks, Green Knight, this was partly from you talking about his writing techniques. I decided to try one of his books since they were on offer in The Works, and now regret not buying more while they were in stock.

Book 73) Edward Marston – The Silver Locomotive
Sixth in the Railway Detective series. Good pulpy fun, and by the end there is finally some development in one of the character relationships, after six books’ worth of nothing happening.


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