Book log: Jonathan Gash — The Rich and the Profane

You’re about to get spammed with the book log, as I’d been keeping notes in a text file as I went, but for various reasons (such as going to a con) hadn’t posted each book as I read it. Worse, I didn’t write up the last half as I went, and now I can’t even remember the order I read them in… Here’s the first book for February:

11) Jonathan Gash — The Rich and the Profane

20th in the Lovejoy series. It starts with a young woman asking Lovejoy to teach her how to steal an antique from an auction to spite her rich aunt, and ends with mayhem in the Channel Islands. Along the way Lovejoy gets involved with a vast array of people wanting to exploit him, usually for purposes he doesn’t understand until too late; impersonates an impresario; and creates on the fly and on the run one of the biggest and boldest scams he’s ever come up with to save his own neck and a few others.

I found it a bit hard to keep track of what was going on, but I think this had more to do with reading it on and off over the course of a week than any fault in the book. Lovejoy is his usual whining, womanising, self-pitying self, with the usual constant stream of chatter about antiques. And as usual, underneath the unselfconscious whining and the scamming large and small, he’s actually trying to do the right thing by the people he thinks deserving of it. I prefer the earlier books in the series, but wouldn’t mind reading this one again.

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