coming up on the book log

Yes, I have been trying to log April as I go, even if I haven’t been posting them within a couple of days of finishing a book. I’ve also got one or two things in the TBR mountain that are only waiting for me to get the current batch of reviews out of the way before I start reading them. In particular:

Inspector Singh Investigates: A Deadly Cambodian Crime Spree

Fourth in the Inspector Singh series, and Shamini Flint’s writing just keeps getting better. I read 2 and 3 as review copies offered by the author because I’d reviewed the first. She offered me a review copy of the new one as well — except I’d pre-ordered it from Amazon and started reading it the same day it arrived, so had already finished it. :-)

Daniel Fox — Hidden Cities

I hadn’t pre-ordered this from the Evil Empire because I was going to be good and try to support my local bricks-n-mortar stores. Inspector Singh arrived first, and I don’t want to start this one until I’ve core-dumped the previous in-depth review, because this is going to need a lot of attention. This is the third volume of Chaz Brenchley’s Chinese-inspired fantasy trilogy written under a pseudonym, and having read the first two parts I am eager to finish the story.

Alex Epstein — The Circle Cast

My current LTER win, not yet read because of the afore-mentioned backlog on reading stuff that will be getting an in-depth review. YA fantasy about Morgan Le Fay.


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