Book log: Stephen Cole — Doctor Who: The Monsters Inside

31) Stephen Cole — Doctor Who: The Monsters Inside

Second of the tie-ins published for the new series. Adequate but nothing special adventure for Nine and Rose, which I’d have probably enjoyed rather more had I read it on initial publication rather than after the monsters of the week had appeared several more times on tv. The Doctor and Rose are arrested and separated within a few minutes of landing on an alien planet — which turns out to be part of a solar system devoted to a privatised prison system, where landing without authorisation is itself a crime carrying a heavy sentence. Rose is shipped to a borstal, the Doctor is incarcerated in a scientific labour camp for aliens. They proceed to try and escape and find each other, but along the way realise that they have more problems than mere escape to deal with.

It’s a Who tie-in novel, with nothing much to either recommend or disrecommend it. The moralising about the prison system is heavy-handed even by Whoniverse standards, although not enough to put me off reading it. Not one I’m inclined to give permanent shelfspace.

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