book log: Ursula Vernon — Digger [graphic novel]

41) Ursula Vernon — Digger [graphic novel]

And this is what ate my Good Friday in 2011, courtesy of a link at Making Light — the webcomic “Digger”. There is not a single mention of the Abrahamic religions in it. However, there’s a lot of thoughtful exploration of ethics and morality, and the author’s background in anthropology shows, in a good rather than bad way. I got dropped into it via link very early in the archive, where the heroine (a wombat mining engineer by the name of Digger) has just dug her way to the surface after an encounter with some toxic gas, and finds herself in a temple with a statue of the Hindu god Ganesh. A statue that is an avatar of the god, and is still talking to her even after she’s had a few lungfuls of clean air and is therefore not hallucinating. I found it interesting enough to backtrack to the beginning, and got sucked in.

Originally a webcomic (which is what I read), but also available as a series of five graphic novels.

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