May 2011 book log

Now I’m all caught up on posting my notes and reviews of May’s reading, here’s the summary listing:

46) Alex Epstein — The Circle Cast: The Lost Years of Morgan Le Fay
Young adult novel about what happened to the sorceress Morgan le Fay between the point in her childhood when her father was murdered by Uther Pendragon, and her return as an adult to trouble her half-brother King Arthur. Reviewed May 29.
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47) Agatha Christie – A pocket full of rye
City businessman Rex Fortescue has a nice cup of tea at the office, and dies of poisoning. The peculiar points to this are the poison used, and the fact that the dead man’s pocket had grains of rye amongst the contents. Reviewed May 29.
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48) Justin Richards — Doctor Who: The Deviant Strain
Fourth of the new series tie-in novels. This one has Rose and Captain Jack as the companions, in a story set in a remote Soviet naval base abandoned after the end of the Cold War. Reviewed May 29.
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49) Agatha Christie – The mirror crack’d from side to side
Hollywood actress Marina Gregg intends to take part in village life, and this includes hosting a public fund-raising event in the grounds for charity, and inviting various village notables to a private reception to view the refurbishments. As the former owner of the house, Miss Marple’s old friend Mrs Bantry is an honoured guest — which puts her in a prime position to view events at the reception that in hindsight were a prelude to a murder. Reviewed May 30.
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50) Leslie Charteris – Enter the Saint
Second book in the Saint series, a trio of novelettes/novellas rather than a novel. Logged with brief notes May 30.
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51) Edward Marston — Railway to the grave

Seventh in the Railway Detective series, about a Victorian detective inspector specialising in railway crime in the early days of the railways. Reviewed May 30.
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52) John Carnell, editor — New Writings in SF 20
One of the 1972 editions of the long-running science fiction anthology series. Reviewed May 30.
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53) Agatha Christie — A Caribbean Mystery
Miss Marple’s nephew has paid for her to have a holiday in the Caribbean as part of her convalescence after a bad bout of pneumonia. The setting is very different to St Mary Mead, but the behaviours on display amongst the ex-pats are only too familiar. Reviewed May 30.
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54) Elisabeth Beresford — The Wombles
First in what became a series of over 20 books about the creatures living in a large burrow underneath Wimbledon Common, who make a living by collecting and re-using the rubbish left behind by careless humans. Reviewed earlier today.
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55) Una McCormack — Doctor Who: The Way Through the Woods
I bought this one because I’ve known the writer for years and have admired her writing since back when she was writing fanfic in My One True Fandom. It should be assumed that I am not capable of giving an unbiased opinion, but this book is full of squee for me. Logged earlier today.
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56) Frank Herbert – The Eyes Of Heisenberg
Short sf novel from 1966 about a far distant future where genetic engineering has brought longer lives for all and immortality for a minority. Reviewed earlier today.
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57) Reginald Hill — An Advancement of Learning
Re-read of the second Dalziel and Pascoe novel. Review posted earlier today.
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