July 2011 book log

Now that I’ve finally finished writing my notes on all of the books I read in July, here’s the summary list:

66) Reginald Hill — An April Shroud
Fourth in the Dalziel and Pascoe series. Logged 7 August.
LibraryThing entry

67) Margery Allingham — My Friend Mr Campion and other mysteries
Collection containing the novella The Case of the Late Pig, four short stories, and a short essay excerpted from a radio broadcast by Allingham. Logged 7 August.
LibraryThing entry

68) Alan Hunter — Landed Gently
Fourth in the Inspector George Gently series, and the first that I’ve read. Logged 7 August.
LibraryThing entry

69) Agatha Christie — “How does your garden grow?” and other stories [audiobook]
Five short stories taken from the collection “Poirot’s Early Cases”, read on 3 CDs by the man who plays him so perfectly on tv, David Suchet. Logged 14 August.
LibraryThing entry

70) Edward Marston — The Amorous Nightingale
Second in the Christopher Redmayne historical mystery series, set in London just after the Great Fire of 1666. Logged 20 August.
LibraryThing entry

71) Barry Perowne — Raffles of the M.C.C.
Not the original Raffles stories, but one of the pastiche collections. Logged today.
LibraryThing entry

72) Steve Lyons — Doctor Who: The Stealers of Dreams
Sixth of the tie-in novels for New Who, and the last to feature the Ninth Doctor (and thus also pre-immortality Jack). Logged today.
LibraryThing entry

73) James Goss — Torchwood: Department X [audiobook]
One of the audio-only tie-in novels, read by Kai Owen on 2 CDs, and set between series 2 and 3. Logged today.
LibraryThing entry


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