December 2011 book log

Typing hurts at the moment, so limited comments on the books.

112) John Barrowman — I am what I am
Second volume of Barrowman’s memoirs, written with his sister Carole Barrowman. While the first volume was a largely chronological memoir of his life so far, this volume is a selection of stories arranged more by theme than by time, and including a lot of material in direct response to questions he was asked after the first volume was published. As with any good actor biography, part of the appeal of this book is a more general look at the side of showbusiness that the public don’t see for themselves, including the amount of work needed to put a show on, whether on stage or tv. Well written, and very entertaining if this sort of book is your sort of thing.

113) Alan Hunter — Gently go Man
Ninth of the Inspector Gently books. I mostly haven’t been commenting on these, but have been enjoying them and intend to read more of them.

114) Diane Purkiss — Fairies and Fairy Stories: A History
New edition of a book previously published as “Troublesome Things: A History of Fairies and Fairy Stories”, and under at least one other title. I really need to write a proper review of this book, but right now I’m down with a viral infection and not up to the necessary thinking.

115) Ruth Rendell — Murder being Once Done
Seventh Inspector Wexford book.

116) Mary Stewart — Madam, will you talk?
Stewart’s first novel, published in 1955, and the first one I’ve read. Contemporary (for the time it was written) suspense with a strong romantic element. Enjoyed this a lot.

117) Carola Dunn — Death at Wentworth Court
First of the Daisy Dalrymple series of 1920s country house cosies. I read this after reading several of the later books, so enjoyed seeing where it started. Great fun, and one for the re-read shelf.


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