January book log partial – books 2-4

2) Ruth Rendell — Some Lie and Some Die
Eighth Inspector Wexford novel. Another competent entry in the police procedural series with a psychological twist.

3) Justin Richards – Doctor Who: The Resurrection Casket
Ninth of the new series Doctor Who novels. Ten and Rose get stuck in a dead spot of space, a place where high tech (including the Tardis) doesn’t work because of the high concentration of plot-devicium. Cue steampunk robots and space pirates, as sundry interested parties go hunting for the titular MacGuffin in an utterly shameless Treasure Island/Doctor Who crossover. Silly but fun.

4) Dick Francis – Bonecrack
Neil Griffon is abducted and threatened late one night. But what is demanded of him is highly unusual — that he make a particular young man a jockey at his father’s training stable. Not for the obvious reasons — no fixed races, no attempt to corrupt the betting process. Just a gift from a father to his son, who wants more than anything else in the world to ride a winning race on a particular horse.

Griffon has no choice, not when the horses are under threat. But there are more subtle ways to deal with a blackmailer than direct confrontation…

An excellent thriller, and a fascinating study of father-son relationships. There’s some lovely characterisation in this book, and Francis builds on that to show how the two main characters change with the experiences they’re put through.



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