2012 February book log

And another highly abbreviated monthly book log… Enjoyed all but one of these.

16) Dick Francis — Nerve

17) Sam Starbuck – The Theory of Two Centres
Novel-length Torchwood fanfic, set post series-2. Ianto Jones wakes up with four years missing from his memories and a DVD labelled “play me”. Offered a choice between a quiet, safe job as a file clerk in a finance office, and going back to whatever it was he did in the missing four years, he chooses to go to Roald Dahl Plass. The 21-year-old Ianto isn’t the same person as the traumatised Canary Wharf survivor who first fetched up in the Hub, but he’s still Torchwood material. And there’s the question of why he had to be retconned that far back…

18) Edward Marston — The Repentant Rake
Third in the Christopher Redmayne mystery series. Another solid mid-list mystery from Marston.

19) Ruth Rendell — A Sleeping Life
Tenth Inspector Wexford novel.

20) Agatha Christie — The Seven Dials Mystery [audiobook]
Second Sperintendent Battle book, abridged on 3 CDs. Enjoyable but low priority for re-reading.

21) Mary Stewart — The Ivy Tree
1960s romantic suspense.

22) Agatha Christie — The Secret of Chimneys [audiobook]
First Superintendent Battle book, abridged on 3 CDs. Listened to this out of order, as 7 Dials is the sequel to this. Found it a bit disappointing, I think because the abridgement makes it a bit too thin.

23) Dick Francis — Enquiry

24) Caroline Graham — Death of a Hollow Man
Second of the Midsomer Murders novels which inspired the tv series. Excellent book.

25) Ellis Peters – Monk’s Hood [audiobook]
Radio 4 dramatisation on 2 CDS, with Philip Madoc as Cadfael. Took me a while to get used to someone other than Derek Jacobi as Cadfael, but superbly done.

26) Dick Francis — Blood Sport
Another excellent thriller from Francis.

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