book log April 2012

The very late summary of April’s books. At least I did manage to review a couple of these, although in one case that was because it was an ARC and I owed a review.

40) Brian Minchin — Torchwood: The Sin Eaters
Re-listen of the Torchwood audiobook narrated by Gareth David-Lloyd, previously reviewed here.

41) Stevie Carroll — The Monitors
Re-read of this short story included in the anthology Echoes of Possibilities. It was long-listed for the Tiptree, and with good reason.

42) John Buchan — The 39 Steps

43) Agatha Christie — Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? [audiobook]
Abridged on three CDs, and read by Jenny Funnell. Logged with notes 8 June 2012.

44) Shamini Flint — Inspector Singh Investigates: A Curious Indian Cadaver
Fifth installment of the series about Inspector Singh of the Singapore police. Reviewed June 9 2012 – recommended.

45) Madeleine Robins — Lady John
Note – I received a review copy through LibraryThing Early Reviewers.
Reprint ebook edition of a Regency romance first published in 1982. Reviewed June 9 2012.

46) William Makepeace Thackeray — Vanity Fair
Logged June 9 2012.


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