Book log June 2012

And the full list for June. Most of these have had brief notes or short reviews blogged earlier this month.

56) Chaz Brenchley — Light Errant
Re-read of the sequel to the stunning dark urban fantasy Dead of Light.

57) Agatha Christie — Three Radio Mysteries: volume 1 http://book
Three of Christie’s short stories, adapted into half hour radio plays and updated to a modern (at the time of broadcast in 2002) setting.

58) Agatha Christie — Peril at End House http://book
Re-listen of this abridged audobook, which I’ve previously reviewed:

59) Sam Starbuck — Condition of Release
A reread of Sam’s novel-length take on Cyberwoman, which I adore and reread every so often.

60) Linda Nagata — Hepen The Watcher

61) Agatha Christie — The Murder of Roger Ackroyd http://book
Abridged on three CDs, and read by Nigel Anthony.

62) Dick Francis — For Kicks

63) Margery Allingham — Mystery Mile

64) Francis Durbridge — The World of Tim Frazer
First of what is apparently a trilogy of thrillers about Tim Frazer, engineer turned secret service agent.

65) PD James — A Taste for Death http://book
BBC Radio 4 full cast dramatisation of the novel, presented on 2 CDs.

66) Naomi Mitchison – Solution 3 Three

An old favourite of mine, picked up for a re-read and DNF not because I don’t like it, but because I put it down somewhere and was too spaced out on migraine aura to find it and pick it up again. At this point I’d probably need to start from the beginning.


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