Book log September 2012

At this point I’m going to abandon any notion of doing a proper book log for the last three months. It’s been long enough since reading some of the books that I couldn’t really do a decent write-up anyway, and at the moment I’d rather focus my writing time on Nice Tie wordage. So it’s going to be mostly a list of books read/listened to. Everything on the list below was at least readable, although I found some more enjoyable than others. Of particular note was the BBC AudioGO full cast dramatisation of Gaudy Night, which I think is a must-have for fans of Lord Peter as played by Ian Carmichael.

Book log September 2012

82) Victor Canning — The Whip Hand
1965 thriller, the first of four featuring private eye Rex Carver. Carver accepts what is presented as a straightforward job of tracing a young woman, and ends up chasing around Europe in a murky plot where he’s working for at least three different masters who may or may not be on different sides, and include at least one official intelligence organisation. Definitely a product of its time, in more ways than one, but good fun and well worth a read.
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83) Gladys Mitchell — The Saltmarsh Murders
Mrs Bradley mystery.
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84) Mary Stewart — Airs above the ground
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85) Margery Allingham — More Work for the Undertaker (audiobook)
Albert Campion novel, abridged on 3 CDs and read by Philip Franks.
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86) Alexander McCall Smith — The full cupboard of Life
Fifth in the No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series. As ever, gentle mystery novel about cases that may not be of high drama to the outside world, but matter very much to the people involved.
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87) Christopher Isherwood — Mr Norris changes Trains
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88) Dorothy L Sayers — Gaudy Night (audiobook)
Full cast dramatisation on 2 Cds by BBC AudioGO, with Ian Carmichael as Lord Peter Wimsey. Superb adaptation of the novel.
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