book log November 2012

Alas, another highly abbreviated book log. But since the reason for the lack of reviews was that I was busy writing a book of my own at long last, I’m not going to feel too guilty about it.

95) Gladys Mitchell — Come Away, Death
Eighth Mrs Bradley mystery.

96) Agatha Christie — Evil under the sun (audiobook)
Abridged on 3 CDs, and read by David Timson. Ably read by Timson, but I thought the abridgement was rather unsatisfying, as while it had sufficient information to solve the mystery, it didn’t clear up what happened to some of the characters.

97) Mary Stewart — The Gabriel Hounds
Romantic suspense set in the Lebanon, in the usual Mary Stewart style. Enjoyable fun.

98) Gladys Mitchell — Death and the Maiden
Twentieth Mrs Bradley mystery.

99) Agatha Christie — Appointment with death (audiobook)
Abridged on 3 CDs, and read by Carole Boyd. Competently read, and a decent abridgement that’s enjoyable to listen to, but as always with an abridgement it feels a bit thin.


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