Loose Id calls for submissions

A couple of new calls for submissions from my main publisher. Note that they’re a general erotic romance publisher — all genres, all genders, all combinations, as long as there’s heat integral to the story, and at least a Happy For Now ending. Yes, I do mean “all genders”, not “both genders”.

Current Special Calls for Submission


Who doesn’t love a tough and tender reunion story? Homecomings is a themed, open-call collection centered around meaningful reunion/return events. Whether it’s the first female soldier in her family returning from Iraq to be reunited with the boy she married before she left, a comatose John Doe waking up, remembering his life and finding his way home, a wrongfully imprisoned man acquitted and finding love in his hometown or waiting for the love he left in prison, a college football homecoming game that’s especially meaningful for a player who is finally healthy enough to play…the details are yours to create, the characters from any walk of life, the genre any one you like — as long as there’s a sexy romance hook and the one coming home gets his/her/their sexy ever after. 

Specifics: stories should be at least 30K and preferably not longer than 80K; all genres will be considered. The collection will be published starting in October, so stories must be submitted no later than 5/31, and sooner is always better. Follow the guidelines below for submitting a proposal and including “Homecomings” in your email subject line.




Every year, millions of people make resolutions for the new year. Most of them fall by the wayside within a few weeks, but what about the ones that don’t? Resolutions is an open collection focusing on what happens in the wake of someone’s New Year’s resolution.

Did they resolve to be more adventurous and meet the hunk of their dreams finally going on that skydiving trip they promised themselves? Did they resolve to compliment at least one stranger a day, and pick the just right day to compliment a down-in-the-dumps billionaire? Did they resolve to buy at least one dress that isn’t black, or a pair of pants that isn’t leather? To try out for The Voice, or the local production of Grease? Did they take their artwork into a gallery? Put their profile on a dating site? 

Resolutions features the commitment and the sexily ever after that somehow grows out of it. Anywhere and any way that the tradition of making resolutions exists, even if it’s a place that only exists in your imagination, a Resolutions story could take place. A Resolutions protagonist can be anyone. The sky’s the limit.

Specifics: stories must be at least 30K and preferably not longer than 80K; all genres you can work a New Year’s resolution into will be considered. To be considered for publication as a Resolutions title by the end of 2014, we must have your submission by no later than August 15th, but they can be submitted at any time before that for earlier publication dates. Follow the guidelines below for submitting a proposal, and include “Resolutions” in your email’s subject line.


General submission guidelines


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