Jay Lake 1964-2014

Jay’s gone. http://www.jlake.com/2014/06/01/cancer-the-end-has-come/

I didn’t really know him, as such. I just remember a big, amiable man I saw around Baycon and Worldcon, and bought a couple of books from. I liked him a lot, even so. Liked him, and admired him these last few years for his grace and courage in the face of cancer. He undertook experimental treatment in the last stages, treatment that he knew was last ditch and which ultimately did nothing for him. But his participation in the trial will help others in the future; his last kick back at the disease that killed him, an achievement that will long outlive his body.

Fuck cancer. And if Jay’s got anything to do with it, it’ll be with a novelty condom.


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