Stationery Wibble – Prologue

“The time has come,” the Walrus said,
“To talk of many things:
Of fountain pens and sealing wax
of binding combs and rings.”

I’ve been on a bit of a binge on stationery and office supplies of late for a number of reasons. Chief amongst these is the latest medical reason for staying away from a computer, but it doesn’t help that the WIP features a hero with a passion for pens beyond even that seen in racsf’s collective obsession with writing paraphernalia. I can’t type, but I can put ink on paper and dictate the results into Dragon, and only look at the screen to set the transcription running and then error-correct the result. I have a genuine justification for having acquired a breeding herd of fountain pens over the last few months, inasmuch as a good fountain pen needs no pressure at all to glide over the page, and this is an important consideration for those with RSI. All of this is to explain why there may be stationery-related wibble in lieu of anything else I can focus on for long enough to write a blog post. You have been warned.

2 thoughts on “Stationery Wibble – Prologue

  1. I recently discovered my dad’s old Parker 51 at the back of my desk drawer. It’s the one he lent me to take my Eleven Plus with. I filled it with ink and it’s working perfectly after the best part of 40 years of neglect. I use it every day, now. (Of course that hasn’t stopped me from buying a load of other fountain pens just to ecperiment. Kudos to the Lamy Joy and a set of Pilot Petits that cost about £2 each.

    1. I went on a binge with cheap Chinese pens, but on my rampage through eBay I also acquired my first Lamy in the form of an Al-Star. Haven’t done more than plug in the cartridge and have a quick scribble, but it seems a nice pen.

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