one day summer sale at ARe

All Romance eBooks have a one day sale today to celebrate the start of summer. 25% off a wide range of books, including Loose Id‘s catalogue, and specifically including my books (and a Dreamspinner anthology which includes one of my shorts).

If you are sitting in one of the gloomy patches of Britain looking at Midsummer’s Eve grey skies, there is plenty of heat available to warm you up. :-) (Not just joking, either – our central heating came on this morning…)

Book View Cafe Christmas sale

And just as I was thinking that I hadn’t seen anything about Book View Cafe having a sale, guess what drops into my inbox…. 50% off a selection of books from Dec 26 through to Jan1. :-) Obviously I have some conflict of interest here, since several of my friends are members of the Book View Cafe, but I’ve been very impressed over the years with the Cafe’s output. The discount is automatically applied at the checkout.

Stuff I’ve already read and enjoyed:

The Wisteria Tearoom romantic mysteries
plus the new one which I haven’t read but has just gone in my shopping basket

Misc historical romance


Just go and buy this if you like urban fantasy, okay? Chaz Brenchley’s Northern Lights duology is stunning.

Steampunk Jeeves and Wooster pastiche
And another “latest in a series I already read”

I know I’ve missed some while skimming.

cheap books — Hugo voting packet

John Scalzi is organising an ebook Hugo packet again, and this year’s collection is looking very good indeed. The deal here is that if you are a voting member of Worldcon (the annual world convention for science fiction and fantasy fandom), you can sign up to receive a free package of electronic versions of a lot of the books and short stories on the Hugo short list, the better that you may read them and then vote for them in the Hugos.

The bad news is that you have to be a voting member of Worldcon, and that costs money — at minimum you need to buy a supporting membership. The good news is that the packet would cost you rather more than the minimum $50 membership to go and buy commercially, so if these are books you’d like to read, this is a very good deal even if you’re not otherwise interested in Worldcon.

What do the authors and publishers get out of this, given that they’re donating the texts and get no direct financial return? Publicity. It’s a way to get their award shortlisted material in front of the people who can vote for that award. That’s good in a number of ways, not least the concept of “the first hit is free”.

More details at Scalzi’s blog:

half price rebate sale at Fictionwise

Fictionwise is having a Micropay rebate — buy any ebook there with a credit card or PayPal, get half the price back in a Micropay credit you can spend on more books. It’s on until Thursday. Some of my books are available on Fictionwise and in the sale, so if you’ve been meaning to pick up Dolphin Dreams, Mindscan, Lord and Master or Promises To Keep, now’s your chance to get them cheap: